Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting back into SWTOR

Ok, so lately I have been devouring all the information I can about the upcoming Galactic Stronghold expansion.  It looks pretty awesome.  I've already started to think of a theme for my Commando's Nar Shadaa house.  I'm thinking of making it a military base of operations.  The expansion launches next month, so I figure it is just about time to get back into the game.  There are some things I need to do first.

Makeb.  My main has not actually finished Makeb yet.  He is 55, but probably only a little more than 50% done with Makeb. I just was never hooked by the Makeb story line.  Still, it's time I finished it.

Inventory.  One of the awesome 2.9 features is Legacy Storage.  This will make crafting across characters much easier.  So I need to go through my characters and get their inventory squared away.

Gear.  I'd like to get my mains gear up to snuff.  For me, that means the best blue's I can get through crafting.  Purple mod materials are just worth too much for me to use on gear.  Besides, there is no content in the expansion that requires me to have better gear.

Cartel Coins.  I currently have 11.5k worth of Cartel Coins.  A while back, Amazon had a sale on Cartel Coins so I bought one.  Plus, I have stayed subscribed and received my monthly allotment.  I'll be saving them for the Cartel items that come with release of Galactic Strongholds.  Although, I really want a Bantha mount.

Forged Alliances.  I have not experienced the two new Flashpoints which came in 2.7.  It is supposed to start a new story line which continues in 2.9.  I'd like to do them once prior to the release of the next chapter.

Gambling.  Version 2.8 released a casino on Nar Shadaa.  I do like myself a good slot machine, so I want to check out what it's all about.  The Spoils of War event actually lasts until August 19th.  I wonder what happens when it is over? :)

Huttball.  There is a new Huttball arena on Quesh which I have never tried.  There is also a double warzone commendation event going on, so it's a good time to do some PvP.

It is quite a list.  It's almost too daunting to get back into the game.  I have a month until Galactic Strongholds, so I should be able to if I do a little bit at a time.