Monday, July 28, 2014

Burning a hole in my pocket

I've been subscribed to SWTOR since the start.  That includes a break where I did nothing but earn Cartel Coins.  I also bought some coins when they were cheap.  So, that leaves me with about 11,500 Cartel Coins in my wallet.  Now what should I do with them?

Housing.  Galactic Strongholds is up on the PTS, so we have a good idea about what things will cost.  Unlocking rooms is not cheap.  Instead, I could use my Cartel Coins to unlock the rest of my Nar Shadaa rooms.  It'll cost close to 7k coins or 6.5 million credits.

Hoard.  I could spend nothing and keep hoarding my coins for some unknown future purchase.

Hypercrate.  I could buy 24 Cartel Packs.  That'll cost roughly 5k coins.  I could then open them all, or sell the whole thing on the GTN for a few million credits.  I'm not sure how I feel about trading coins for credits.  Feels way too much like buying gold.

So what should I do with my Cartel Coins?  Too bad they don't get interest.