Friday, July 18, 2014

ESO Update 3

The ESO team has started to talk about their third update.  The big feature of the last update was a 'new' veteran dungeon, the Crypt of Hearts.  Of course, the first update was the Craglorn group zone along with Trials.  I will be looking at this as I always do, from a solo first player perspective.

Guilds.  Guilds seem to be the focus of this patch.  They are getting the ability to design their own heraldry and wear it as a tabard.  I am a part of the guild, so that is pretty neat.  Guild pride!  The other big guild feature is they can hire traders.  These seem to be NPC's which allow players access to their guild store.  There are 122 locations for your guild to bid on.  It should help the economy a bit.

Dyes.  You can now dye your armor.  New dyes can be unlocked via Achievements.

Veteran Ranks.  I have to admit, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to the veteran rank system.  But it looks like ZeniMax will be revamping it.  One of the main changes will be to make it more solo friendly.  I am pretty happy to hear this, as if I ever reach those ranks I will be doing them solo for the most part. This is just the first stage of their changes to the veteran system.  Technically, this should already be in the game, but I'm grouping it with Update 3.

Overall, it seems like a decent update.  I am still waiting on new solo content to be added to the game.  Maybe that will come in update #4.  We won't have to wait long, as ESO seems to crank out the updates at a good pace.

For the full rundown, check out this post: