Friday, June 27, 2014

They Got Me

I'm usually pretty prudent (read: cheap) when it comes to buying things.  Sure, there are exceptions but for the most part I don't go crazy.  Steam sales never pried too much cash out of my wallet.  In fact, I was thinking I'd get through the whole summer sale without a purchase.

That was until yesterday.  Kerbal Space Program was on sale for $16.  KSP is a game I have watched from afar for a while.  I loved reading about people developing their space program and exploring the solar system.  I was always hesitant to jump in though.  This sale was just the push I needed.

Now I just need to make some time and play the game.  Still, it is nice to know it is there waiting for me.  It's an extraordinarily deep game, so I'll really need to set aside a decent chunk of time to get started.  I may give WildStar a whirl first though so I can see where I stand with it.