Monday, June 2, 2014

Ascent: Choices

Sadly,  I didn't get much time to play Ascent this weekend.  However, that's not to say I wasn't thinking about it which is a hallmark of a good game.  I really need to figure out my path forward, as I have several possible routes.  Currently, I am flying a 160 ton Falcon and have 3 million credits to my name.

New Ship.  I can just barely afford the Squid, which has a 320 ton cargo hold.  I've been advised to skip this ship as the view from the cockpit makes mining difficult.  The larger cargo hold would make a lot of things easier though.

Mining Beam.  I currently use the basic class 1 mining beam.  I've been told that upgrading this is well worth the money.  For a 3 million credits I can get a class 3 beam.  This should improve my mining by a good amount.

Hyperdrive.  I could invest in a class 5 Hyperdrive and start exploring.  This is a part of the game I am really looking forward to, but does not really help me make more money.

Construction.  I still want build my own Mining Beam, but there is quite a bit to be done before I am able to do that.  I need to build a Starbase Warehouse which involves 2,000 Iron.  That is a lot of trips for my Falcon, so I am leaning towards a ship upgrade first.

Miners Guild.  This isn't really a choice, as I am planning on doing it.  The Miners Guild is a group of players working together.  Besides the social aspect, they offer discounts on items like the Mining Beam, so I may be able to get a good deal.  They have a website: