Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Project Venice: Milestone One

In order to keep on track with my new game initiative, Project Venice, I am going to break it down into smaller chunks.  The feeling of progress is very important to keeping a project going.  The end goal is just to make a prototype, which is still a lot of work.   So I've defined what my first milestone for the project will be.

Chat System.  What is a multiplayer game without a chat system?  I think this is a useful and reachable goal.  It requires a working login system, account system, and client - server communications.  As part of the chat system I really want to include configurable titles.  So what better time than now to add support for them?

E-Mail Verification.  As a part of the account creation system, I want to allow people to change their email address.  To do this, I need to verify the address exists which means I need a mail system. It's not the most exciting of projects, but one that needs to be done.  I do this for Sites with Benefits already, so I just need to port it over to Node.js.  

I've already made good progress towards my goal of a chat system.  I hope to have a demo of it all up and going very soon.