Thursday, June 5, 2014

Farewell Mythic

Last week, the news came down that EA shut down Mythic Entertainment.  You may know the name from such games as Warhammer Online, DAoC, and Ultima Online.  Although at the time of its demise it was focused on mobile games.

The games that made it famous, except for WAR ( :(  ), were recently transferred to Broadsword Online so they will live on.  I think the staff responsible for the games went with them, although I could be just making that up.  As for the mobile games they developed, I'm not sure if they will go on or not.

I am pretty bummed about the news, mainly for the folks who worked there.  The people at Mythic were always very good to me.  I was given the opportunity to visit them on several occasions.  They were trips I will always remember.  It made WAR more than just a game to me.

I also made friends from from the trip, both with the folks there and other bloggers.  I still talk to them today.  Although, if Keaven would get on Skype it would make things easier!  So, thanks for everything Mythic folks and I look forward to the next stuff you work on :)