Wednesday, March 5, 2014


With the Elder Scrolls Online launch right around the corner, I can't help but draw comparisons with the other MMO I am subscribed to:  SWTOR.  They are both huge games, so there is no way I could compare all aspects in one post.  So lets start with story and content.  There is one caveat, I have only played up to level 10 in ESO.

SWTOR made a big deal about story being the fourth pillar of their game and a major selling point.  Indeed, the class stories that I have experienced were very good.  The voice acting is top notch.  I really looked forward to that particular content.

The problem was that the class stories are surrounded by run of the mill quests which feel done to death.  I lost enthusiasm to continue my alts because I know I had all those side quests ahead of me.  There are, of course, other ways to level (PvP, Space) but that can take longer.

Going into ESO, I really had no expectations about their story content.  I know Zenimax mentioned it a few times, but I never really took notice.  So I was really surprised at how well it was done.  There is a main quest line, and a variety of side quests, like SWTOR.   I would put the main quest line on par, quality wise, with that of SWTOR.

What makes ESO really shine with its story is the use of phasing.  The stories it tells have much more of an impact when you can see the results around you.  SWTOR was limited to its little phased areas which you ended up exiting.  ESO leaves a lasting impression.

In SWTOR's defense they have 8 class stories, while ESO has 3 factions each with their own quests.  I am unsure how the main quest line plays out with the different factions.   Right now though, I am really digging ESO's style.