Friday, March 7, 2014

I Hate the Aldmeri Dominion

I spend most of my Elder Scrolls Online time on their beta PTS.  Most of that time is in Cyrodiil, the PvP area.  There is a common theme that I have noticed.  The Aldmeri Dominion is usually dominating.  As a result, I've started to develop a hatred for that faction.  All of my time there is spent fighting against them, so it is only natural.

Since ESO has three factions, we've actually developed an unofficial alliance with the Daggerfall Covenant.  We generally don't attack each other, instead we concentrate on the Aldmeri Dominion.  This opens up a 2nd front against our common enemy, something that would not be possible in a two faction system.  It hasn't been all that effective yet, but the population is low on the PTS.

Besides constant fighting against the AD, their faction make up also contributes to my dislike of them.  Two Elf races and a cat race.  Yuck.  I don't want any parts of that.

For me, faction pride is alive and well in ESO.  I am still planning on joining the Daggerfall Covenant when the game goes live and my dislike of the Aldmeri Dominion will carry through.