Monday, March 31, 2014

ESO Launch Day

Yesterday, The Elder Scrolls Online started their early access.  That pretty much means launch day.  I had completely forgotten about it when I sat down at my computer on Sunday morning.  So it was a nice surprise when I remembered.

I rolled my Imperial Templar with the Daggerfall Covenant.  I like the Templar for their healing options, ranged damage and tanking.  I immediately hit up the Stablemaster and picked out my Imperial horse.  It's nice having a mount right away.

Next up, I went to the docks and made my way to the starter island.  This is optional now, but I have never experienced it before so I wanted to check it out. I'm still not sure what direction I want to take my charterer.  In beta I used a bow, but right now I am using an Ice Staff which is pretty cool too.  I still want to go Heavy Armor, so maybe a Battle Mage type?  There are really a lot of options.

I also joined my first guild (you can join 5).  I went with House Stalwart, run by fellow blogger Belghast. I hope to reunite with some of my former guild mates from WAR too.  Nice that you can join multiple guilds. That's actually pretty social for me, as I am usually a loner.