Monday, March 3, 2014

Is PvP Dead?

While playing ESO recently I saw a disturbing zone chat in Cyrodiil.  To paraphrase, "Why fight when the odds are against us."  They then proceeded to log off or go to PvE land.  The situation was a large band of Aldmeri Dominion going on a rampage and taking our keeps.

Basically, after one loss, they decided to throw in the towel.  Those of us who remained were actually able to hold the AD back for a bit at one of our keeps.  They eventually took it, but it was a fun fight.  If only we had more people.

This attitude seems to be getting more and more common in MMO's.  Players don't like to participate if they may lose.  This is especially troubling for PvP.  Some of the best battles are when the odds are against you.  If you leave in that case, it becomes boring for the defenders that stay and the attackers.

How can PvP continue to be a viable game system if players are not willing to participate when they may lose?  Maybe Realm Pride used to count for something, but I fear those days are long gone.  Instanced PvP fares better as there is a better chance of an even (number wise)fight and short duration.  World PvP, on the other hand, has no such assurances.