Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SWTOR Space Tutorial Image

Over on reddit, swtor_miner has been doing a fantastic job pulling interesting data out of the latest PTS files.  So good, that there really hasn't been a need for me to do it.  He pulled out one very interesting image, a tutorial screen for the new space system.

There is a lot being shown to us in this image.

Controls.  Looks like a pretty standard system.  Not shown is the pitch and yaw though, so I'm going to take a guess and say that the mouse will be responsible for that.  There is also a targeting system, likely used for abilities.

Objectives.  As thought, there will be objectives to capture, which are guarded by some PvE satellites. We just need to destroy the guards and stay near them to capture.  

Shields and Hull.  In the second image we get an idea of what the UI looks like, and I am very impressed.  Ships have a Shield and Hull rating.  I assume the shields will recharge and the hull will need to be repaired.  We saw in the medal list that there is one for repairs, so there will be 'healing' abilities. 

Power Management.  It looks we'll be able to allocate power to different systems.  I'm going to guess Engines, Weapons, and Shields. This will certainly add some depth and strategy to the fights.  

Combat Abilities.  It isn't just point and shoot.  We will have some hot-key abilities too.  

Overall, this image provides us with a good look at what the space system will actually be like.  I am pretty pleased with what I see.  I didn't think we would have this much depth to the system.  Kudos BioWare!