Friday, September 13, 2013

Space Progression

One aspect of the new space system which I had not given any thought to was progression.  That was partly due to me just thinking it would use current warzone systems.  It turns out that BioWare may be adding special progression just for this new type of space warzone.  Again, this is all from datamined information so keep in mind that it may not be accurate.

From the files we see:

Ship XP
Fleet XP
You have gained <<1>> fleet requisition points for completing the skirmish.
You have gained <<1>> ship requisition points for <<2>> for completing the skirmish.
You have gained item <<1>> for completing the skirmish.
It looks like two new forms of progression (or currency, or both?) are being added.  I imagine this is how we unlock things like new ships, and as we saw in yesterdays post, new components.  I really like the direction BioWare is going with this.  Instead of just a mini-game, it is shaping up to have enough depth to be a game in itself.

The last line also shows that there will be items.  Could that indicate individual ship components?  I really hope so.   There are a bunch of them in the files.  But more on that later.

Depending on how deep they actually go, I could easily see dedicated space players just like we saw in Star Wars Galaxies.