Monday, September 9, 2013

Second Chance Heroes Beta Giveaway

We’re running another giveaway over at The Noobist.  This time it’s for the co-op arcade action game, Second Chance Heroes.  We've got a bunch of beta keys to give out.  So Werit, how do I get my hands on one of these keys?  I’m glad you asked, it’s simple.  Go to and click on the Sites with Benefits widget on the right side of the screen, sign in using any of the providers, complete some missions, redeem your points for a beta key.

Why should you play Second Chance Heroes?

The Heroes.  There are a bunch of heroes to choose from and they are adding new ones all the time.  They are also pretty funny and a lot of fun to play.  Take two with you into a level and switch between them at will.  Who doesn't like Queen Elizabeth with a Gatling Gun?

Co-Op.  You can play alone, but it is even more fun if you bring some friends.  Four people can play together at a time.   Here at the Noobist we try to have game night, we spent one of them just hanging out and playing some Second Chance Heroes.

The Levels.  At least some of the levels take place in a shopping mall.  Of course the mall is infested with zombies, vampires and man-eating cheeseburgers.  The artwork is very nice, and the levels have some interactive elements.

Not convinced?  Check out this video: