Monday, September 16, 2013

Space Abilities

As we saw in the tutorial image, we get a handful of hot-key abilities to use in space.  From the data mined files, there doesn't look to be a shortage of them either.  Lets take a peek at some of them...

In Your Sights.  "Paints" the current target, causing them to receive 15% more damage for 20s

Sensor Beacon.  Drops a sensor beacon at your current location. The beacon will detect enemies and transmit their location to nearby team members. It will last for <<1>> seconds, or until destroyed, and up to 3 beacons may be active at the same time.

The Sensor Beacon ability is certainly interesting.  It will provide an important tool for scouting.

EMP Burst.  Deliver a large amount of damage to nearby enemies and allies.

Enemies AND allies? Oh my.  Could that mean friendly fire will be enabled.  That should certainly make things interesting.

Tracking Device.  Launches a tracking device at the targeted enemy, which will attach to the target's hull and broadcast their position to all allies within 100 km for 60 seconds.

Another interesting scouting tool.

Graviton Charges.  Graviton charges are launched towards nearby ships and generate an unstable gravity field after attaching to their target. This significantly reduces the speed and maneuverability of the target, and does some mild damage-over-time directly to the hull.

Repair Drone.  Drops a repair drone at your current location. It gradually repairs the hulls of up to three nearby allies. It will last for <<1>> seconds, or until destroyed.

And there we have a 'healing' ability.

There are a lot more abilities listed in the files.  I just chose these examples to give us an idea of what to expect.  I wonder if these abilities are granted by the components that we equip on the ship.  I'm not sure if that is the case or not yet.