Monday, September 30, 2013

Should I Play WAR?

I was recently rummaging around my desk and I came across an unopened 60 day WAR timecard.  I got a few of them back when they were on sale from Amazon.  I think they were half price.  Hard to pass up a deal like that.

With WAR closing on December 18th, I've started to think about whether or not I want to use it.  On one hand, I've already spent the money so why not use it.  On the other hand, it is tough to get up the motivation to play a game that is shutting down.

It also doesn't help that Mythic has not said a word about any special events.  Usually games which shut down have some sort of in-game send off.  It does not appear that Mythic is going that route though.  So I am torn about whether to spend the time, which is really the limiting factor here, in the game before its demise.

What do you guys think about playing games until they are powered off?