Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I won't buy from BioWare

I'm cheap, there I said it.  It's hard to pry open my coin purse and get me to buy things from online game stores.  There are some cases where I'm willing to make a purchase though.  Then there are things I just will not buy from a store.

Cartel Packs.  I will use my monthly allotment to purchase one pack from every new set.  That is as far as I'll go though.  You won't find my buying Cartel Coins just so I can get more Cartel Packs.  I hate the unknown nature of them.  I'm just not a gambler.

Stat Gear.  I don't mind buying vanity gear, like the Gold Scalene set.  However, I won't buy gear with stats on them.  It just doesn't feel right to get those kind of items outside of the game.

Pets.  I've just never been a fan of vanity pets.

Companions.  This is a tough one.  Even though I'm not her biggest fan, Treek is still tempting.  I just feel that companion characters should be obtainable view in game quests.  HK-51 was a perfect example,  he had a wonderful quest line.  I think BioWare missed out on a great opportunity to do it again with Treek.

How about you?  What won't you spend money on?