Friday, July 26, 2013

What I would buy from BioWare

Even though BioWare has taken SWTOR free to play and added a cash shop, I have yet to purchase any cartel coins.  I am subscribed though, so I'm not really playing for free.  I just tend to use the monthly allotments I receive.  My Cartel Coin balance usually sits around 2,300.  My normal routine is to spend coins on a single cartel pack when it is released.

So, what would make me spend a good chunk of my coins, or make me buy some more?

Legacy Bank Tab.  Sure, you can mail items between characters in your legacy, but that is a bit of a pain.  Instead, I'd love to be able to have a bank tab that they all could use.  I would use it for crafting materials and companion gifts most likely.  Take my money BioWare!

Legacy Server Transfer.  As it stands now, you have to purchase a transfer for each character you want to transfer to another server.  I would like to see a nice bundle option where you can transfer everyone at once instead of paying for each one separately.  This may or may not be the profitable move for BioWare, but it is something I'd buy.

Mobile App.  I would love to see a mobile app for SWTOR.  Primarily, I'd want to be able to assign crew missions, but other features like mail, guild chat or the AH would be welcome too.  I could easily see myself spending money on such a thing. 

Global Unlocks.  I love global unlocks, like the inventory space one.  I've bought that several times.  I'd like to see more character perks become global unlocks, like the XP boosts.  I'd be much more likely to buy them that way, even if more expensive. 

So what would you buy?