Monday, July 29, 2013

SWTOR 2.3 Report Card

With SWTOR's 2.3 patch right around the corner, I thought I'd go over its features and grade them.  Obviosly, I'm not grading based on execution of the patch since it is now out yet.  Instead I'll be grading it on the the patches appeal to me, a mostly solo casual player.

CZ-198 - New Daily Area:  B-

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  I hate dailies.    I do however like new areas, so that's why this feature gets a B- from me.  I'll go there once and do the missions.  The theme of the new area is also appealing as I've always found the Czerka Corporation to be pretty cool.

Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown Flashpoints: B

As I mentioned above, I play SWTOR mostly solo, so why did these get such a high grade?  BioWare is introducing Story Mode Flashpoints with these, that means they are meant to be role independent.  I may actually run these once now that they have an easier/quicker mode.  I really just want to see the sights and experience the bosses.

Two New Reputation Factions: D

Again, I hate dailies.  Sadly, that is the primary way you interact with reputation factions.  I don't see myself getting anything out of this feature, although I imagine some people will.

Alderaan Warzone Changes: B

By removing the side speeders, it should make it easier for the points to be captured.  Before, you got a constant stream of players coming back to the point to defend.  Hopefully this will make for a more dynamic experience.

Visual Upgrade: B

Honestly, I've always thought SWTOR's graphics were pretty good.  If they can improve them even more, then great.  I'm not sure I'll even notice though unless someone does a side by side comparison for me.

Final Grade: B-

It's a decent patch overall, even if there is nothing that really caters to me specifically.  I am pretty concerned about BioWare's apparent love of dailies.  I do look forward to seeing the new Czerka areas though.