Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Hutts Have Been Hit

With the recent double XP weekends in Star Wars: The Old Republic, most of my gaming time has been spent in there.  Specifically on my Trooper who is working his way through the Makeb expansion.  I've still been taking it pretty casual, doing a mission here and there when I had the time.  I'd also sneak in some warzones to help keep my XP on level.

As I was playing, I thought I was nearing the end of the Makeb story arc.  It felt like it was starting to wind up.  I was happily mistaken though.  I saw an achievement, Hitting the Hutts, which when looked at showed 3 more story missions yet to go.

So that was a very pleasant surprise, I still have a bunch of stuff left to do on Makeb.  I'm definitely feeling like this expansion was worth the money.  It's actually going to take me quite a while, real time, to finish it all up.  I've decided to pursue some other interests in the game.

My Trooper has started to do the Macrobinocular, Seeker Droid and GSI missions.  These take you through some of the past planets which you have visited.  Right now I am on Tatooine, and have loaded up my mission log with the GSI dallies, which I will do as I look for the Shrouds hidden devices and the Seeds of Rage.

My plan is to alternate between Makeb and these other missions.  That should stretch out the content pretty far for me.  Especially considering we have 2.3 coming up soon which brings Story Mode Flashpoints and a new area to check out.