Monday, July 22, 2013

Is Blogging Dead?

I don't often blog based on the topic of other peoples blogs, but this is a special occasion.  Tobold recently posted that blogging is dying. It's all part of a chain of blogs, which he lays out.  My blog recently turned 5 years old.  I completely forgot about it, but I consider it a good milestone.

Is my blog dying?  Maybe.  It has certainly lost popularity over the years, but so has Warhammer Online.  Even though I don't play anymore, the vast majority of posts on this site cover the game.  I was a part of a community tied to a game.  When its popularity declines, so does mine.

I do like to think over that time I've developed a smaller community of readers which exist regardless of a particular game.  I know larger blogs like Tobold have.  Social media, especially twitter, has certainly helped my foster a community.  I don't see any reason why blogs and services like Twitter can not compliment each other.

There's always another game.  Recently, I have been posting a lot more about SWTOR.  It has been a mix of opinion, news and informational (Data Dumps) posts.  I've had a new set of readers due to this, which I am very happy to see.

Twitter has become my new RSS reader.  Now that I am out of the house and into an actual office, I don't really have access to a blogroll.  Instead I read posts based off of twitter a lot more often.  It is just a quick and easy way to get to content.

I could see how completely opinion based blogs could be hurting with the use of Twitter and Facebook.  They are often shorter and easy to get to, especially now that Google Reader is gone.  I do think there will always be a place for informational sites, and ones focused on a particular community though.