Monday, August 12, 2013

Werit does Second Chance Heroes

Last week, myself and several other member of the set out on an adventure in Second Chance Heroes.  What is Second Chance Heroes you ask?  From their website it is a:  Co-Op Arcade Action Adventure game.  It is being created by Rocket City Studios whose Creative Director is Josh Drescher.  You might remember him from Warhammer Online.

The game is allows up to four players to group together, which we happened to have.  Prior to starting, you choose two Heroes which you want to take into the level with you.  You can switch freely between the two at any time.  The Heroes are pretty unique as far as games go.  They are historical figures from a lot of different time periods.  Reminds me of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure since you collect them.

When completing a level you get rewarded, one of the items you can receive is a new hero.  I got Nikola Tesla as a reward, who is very fun to play.  Another player got Julius Caesar. You can also get Relics which are reusable items.  For example, I got the Holy Grill which sets an enemy on fire.  Another one I received summoned a robot to fight along side you.

Second Chance Heroes is funny game which never takes itself too serious.  The levels we played took place in a mall overrun with all sorts of creatures.  Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, Cheesburgers were all out to get us.  Yes, there are man eating Cheesburgers in the game.  There was also a boss who rained down ladies shoes.

If I were to pick a game that Second Chance Heroes was like, it would be the old arcade game Gauntlet.  That game was also a 4 player co-op, and featured a ton of enemies to slaughter.  Of course, in Gauntlet you only had a few choices of who to play.  In Second Chance Heroes there are a lot more, and the developers keep adding additional heroes to the game.  Another difference is that you can upgrade

Want to know more about the game?  Check out this preview over at the  There is also a video of our play session you can watch.  Remember the game is in beta though which you can sign up for here.  I had a lot of fun playing the game, especially with some friends while on Skype.