Friday, August 9, 2013

Mind Blown

Paradox Interactive is one of my favorite developers.  It all started around 13 years ago when I found out about a game called Europa Universalis.  I immediately found a store, yes an actual store, that sold it and bought it that night.  Ever since then, I've pretty much bought every game they have put out.

That includes the latest game in the EU series, Europa Universalis 4.  I've had it pre-ordered for a while now, but Paradox recently announced that they were including a CK2 to EU4 converter!  That means you can take your saved Crusader Kings 2 game, and convert it into an EU4 start.  How amazing is that?

The next step, a EU4 to Victoria 2 converter!  Sadly, that is only in my dreams for now, but we are getting closer to one all encompassing strategy game from Paradox.  Now I just need to really get myself into a CK2 game, which has been a challenge for me.  I'm not sure what about CK2 puts me off, but it is time for me to get over it.