Wednesday, August 14, 2013

State of WAR

Sadly, this will be a quick post.  While I don't play WAR anymore, I still keep checking in on it to see what's going on.  There have been no developer posts for months now.  The 1.4.9 patch which was in development and placed on the PTS has not made it live yet.  The patch was pushed to the PTS four months ago.

The last communication we received from Mythic was on June 17th.  It basically said that they would no longer be selling 6 month subscription game time codes.  The explanation was that they were not used very often.  The tin-foil hat explanation is that WAR does not have 6 months left.  I guess we will find out soon.

I wish Mythic would communicate with the players, they are still playing monthly subscriptions.  I'd even consider coming back if I knew Mythic was still working on the game.  For all its faults, Warhammer Online still has some of the best PvP out there.