Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SimCity Memories

I'm back after a little blog vacation, 4 whole days without a post!  As I mentioned before, I'm in a bit of a funk, but I'm starting to come out of it.  It hasn't helped that I picked up a cold that will not seem to go away either.  I've been playing some WAR, but today I'll be playing a different game: SimCity!

SimCity 5 comes out today.  It's had a little controversy because of its 'always online' nature, which I'm sure will come to a head today with everyone trying to play at the same time.  It'll take more than that to keep me away from the game though.

I have fond memories of SimCity, starting with the original game.  It was grade school and I did not yet have a computer of my own.  I had access to my Dads, but that was only a couple times of year.  A friend of mine, Pat, had one and had SimCity!

I ended up playing the game through him, and over at his house.  He used to bring print outs of our city into school and we'd look at them during recess.  Plans for the city were made and he'd go home and execute them.  The next day I'd see the result on that old dot matrix printer paper.  It was a great time to be alive :)

Today, if the Origin servers stay up, I will play it once again.  No printouts this time, instead there will be screenshots taken.  Maybe I'll even play with some people online.  That's something I never thought of when 'playing' the original game.