Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hints about WARs Future

Recenly, MMORPG.com conducted an interview with WAR's Lead Designer, Keaven Freeman.  It turned out to be pretty interesting and coverd a number of topics, including hints about what we might see from WAR in the near future. I've picked out some quotes, but you can go here to read the whole thing.

Keaven talks about using Wrath of Heroes maps in WAR:

There are a few maps I would love to bring over (Love me some Settra and Garden of Morr), so in that sense, Yes. The major hurdle is Wrath maps were built for 3 team balance (in distances, run times, and whatnot). Looking at the maps available, WAR would have to have them re-sculpted to compensate for a duel-team system, or construct various scenario mechanics compatible with a random-location respawn system, like we did with Thanquol’s Incursion...
What awaits us in the current Live Event series?
I don’t want to create too much hype here, or encourage any theory-crafting (as that always leads to disappointment), but yes; The ‘A Stronghold Saga’ event series will make use of some underused areas, as well as open up at least two areas not seen by many (if any at all)
New places to fight, sign me up!  

Career Balance is still something they are actively working on.
In addition to the work needed to keep ‘A Stronghold Saga’ progressing on schedule, the next 6-12 months will see patches devoted to Career Balance. This is a hot-button issue with nearly all of our players, and is long overdue. We have already begun work on the first phase of these balance patches, and will be opening up the Public Test Server in the near future to get player feedback.
And they want to shake up the campaign a bit too.
 I would like to see some changes in the Campaign, to make things less predictable; possibly even have different types of Campaigns to run which switch with each successful push. I’ve had ongoing discussions with players over the lack of “sandboxiness” in WAR, and in what ways we could possibly add that feeling of freedom, while at the same time maintaining something of a regimented, directed battle feel as well