Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Trip to Mythic - Part 2

A few weeks ago, myself, Mykiel from Stratics, and Garaawarr were invited down to the Mythic studio.  As I talked about in part 1, we learned about the closing of Wrath of Heroes.  It was not how I expected to start off our trip, but kudos to them for breaking the bad new personally.

The trip wasn't just about Wrath of Heroes.  We also talked some WAR.  As you have become accustomed to, I really can't share any of the juicy details.  But we did see what Mythic has planned for the current Live Event series: the Stronghold Saga.  They have some ambitious ideas, so I am very much looking forward to them hitting the live server. When you ask?  Soon, of course.

You may have heard that Mythic is starting to focus more on mobile games.   We got a chance to see some of their work.  First up was the upcoming Ultima Forever.  I've actually never played an Ultima game, including UO, so it was all new to me.  The game looked pretty good and had a high amount of polish.  It didn't really look like your typical mobile game, which is a plus in my book.

Next we saw a prototype of a new game they were working on.  I can't really say much more about it, except I am looking forward to its release. I'm not even a big fan of mobile games, of which I currently play none.  This one might change that fact.

Despite the bad new about WoH, it was a fun trip.  Thanks to Mythic for having us down and I hope we can do it again sometime :)