Friday, March 22, 2013

WAR Friday Grab Bag

A new tradition has been started, a weekly Q&A with the WAR development team. The questions are taken from bloggers, core testers, and the community.  Each week, around five questions will be answered and posted by a different blogger.  This week is my turn, enjoy!

1)  Will we ever see any PvE items like Glyphs or Tyrant gear sold via War Crest? or a PvE Currency like Scarabs and Funerary Masks?
KEAVEN: I highly doubt it.

KEVIN: I would like to add a single PVE currency that would be obtained by killing bosses, and used to purchase PVE set pieces and other rare gear from the dungeons. It would take a lot more work than the PVP currency conversion did. I would like to do a bit of clean up in the old dungeons at about the time that I were looking at doing something like this.

2)  Are there plans for some kind of end-content for RR100, maybe a dungeon to give them more options then Tomb of the Vulture Lord only, that could for example reward temp. pocket items?

KEAVEN: There were no immediate plans for it, no. That’s a great idea though, and there’s no reason we couldn’t do something like that.

KEVIN: If we do a single PVE currency, I would also like to revisit some of the dungeons or update them… or something. I’m not entirely sure yet. Don’t hold your breath on that one though.

3)  Is the Stronghold Saga a recurring event (like e.g. the Wild Hunt), or a one-off (like Beyond the Sands)?

KEAVEN: A Stronghold Saga will not repeat. This is a one-off event, which is one of the reasons I’m leaving each part continue to run for the time being. Once we end the Saga, all parts will close, and you will not see it again.

4)  Are there any plans in upcoming patches to address crafting?    


KEVIN: I think Keaven is channeling Grumpcat.

5) Any plans to turn on old accounts or something similar to bring back players to see what the game is like today?

KEAVEN: I am currently working on doing this. There are a few hoops to jump through first, so I don’t have an ETA. If I manage to get this running, more information will follow.