Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WAR Combines the Tiers

Yesterday, the WAR team changed up the scenario lineup, as they do every so often.  This time they made a  special change.  The Play as Monster scenario, Grovod Caverns, was added to all three tiers.  This alone isn't something special, but this time it is tier independent.

Since you play a Skaven character in Grovod Caverns, your level and gear make no difference.  So when they added it to the lineup they basically allowed everyone to queue together.  That means players from Tier one can play with the folks in the other tiers.

A game-wide scenario should defiantly increase scenario pops.  If you do not enjoy Grovod Caverns, you can always opt out of it.  I happen to enjoy the scenario as it is basically Team Deathmatch.  I'm not sure I've ever actually seen someone deliver the thing to the place.

The rest of the scenarios in the lineup are Tier locked since they use the players actual character.  Having one that is not is pretty fun so far.  Part of me wishes they would bolster everyone to 45 and let everyone play in the same tier for scenarios.  Gear levels would certainly become an issue though.