Friday, December 14, 2012

One Shot, One Kill

With SWTOR's latest patch came a new Cartel Store Pack, the Blockade Runner.  In it, among other things, were new custom weapon models. While I didn't get any in the packs I bought, one immediately caught my eye: the Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Luckily, everything bought in the Cartel Store can be put up on the GTN (AH) and sold.  Yesterday, I went on and checked to see if it was there.  The cheapest one to be found ran 150,000 credits.  A hefty price tag for sure, but I bought it anyway.

Since it is a custom weapon, it arrived without any modules. I hopped on my Trooper (Armstech) and my Jedi Knight (Cybertech) and crafted some blue quality components for the new weapon.  I spent some old Coruscant commendations on an Enhancement and shipped it all over to my Imperial Agent.

I think it is a very nice looking weapon and well worth the credit cost.  The Tactical HUD is pretty neat, especially as it has some depth to it.  I'm tempted to pickup the Covert Flight Suit for my Agent as well, but that would eat up the rest of my Cartel Coins.