Friday, December 21, 2012

Age of Wushu Tips

Age of Wushu is a different sort of game.  This post will serve as a living lists of tips and tricks as I soprt out what I am doing in this world.   Feel free to add more tips in the comments.

1)  Confusing controls?  Escape -> Interface Options -> Traditional 3D Mode tab.  This made me much more comfortable moving around the world.

2)  Autopathing.  You can click on names in your quest tracker and it will autopath you there.  Nice if you are lazy like myself, but you don't get to use your cool movement methods.  NOTE:  This may take you by dangerous mobs and draw aggro.

3) Logins.  You can login with a yahoo, Facebook, or Google Account!  No need to create yet another one.

4)  Mount.  You get one to start off with, it looks like a whistle.  You can autopath on it too.

5)  Gift Treasure Box.  I found a big gold trasure box laying around Yanjing.  It gave me some pants that let me jump farther, a hard accessory that lets me get stunned less and some close that increase parry.

6) Mining.  Nodes are similar to most other MMO's, except that you will get largley useless materials when you are on the low side of the skill.  For example, mining Gold Ore got me Stone... no Gold :(