Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scenario Feedback

WAR developer Kevin, not to be confused with Keaven, has taken to the forum looking for some feedback about the scenario rotation and weekend warfronts.  He asked the community the following three questions.

1. Currently Weekend Warfronts run only on weekends during which there are no Live Events. 

A. Keep it as it is.
B. Run Weekend Warfronts on ALL THE WEEKENDS.
C. Run Weekend Warfronts on all weekends except when a running Live Event has a Scenario with it. IE Keg's End.
D. Make them WeekLONG Warfronts. The Weekend Warfronts would just be extended in time, no new ones made. (sorry)

2. Current Brackets are:

Bracket 1: Career Rank 1-15
Bracket 2: Career Rank > 15 and Renown Rank 0-69
Bracket 3: Renown Rank 70-100

A. Keep it as it is.

B. Change it to:
Bracket 1: Career Rank 1-39
Bracket 2: Career Rank 40

C. Change it to:
Bracket 1: Renown Rank 0-69
Bracket 2: Renown Rank 70-100

D. Change it to (approximately):
Bracket 1: Renown Rank 0-30
Bracket 2: Renown Rank 31-69
Bracket 3: Renown Rank 70-100

3. Imma let you finish but list your 3 favorite Scenarios -- OF ALL TIME


My answers were:

1) C - like the short windows that we get a 'new' scenario, it makes them feel special.

2) C - The less brackets, the more scenario pops.  Sure there might be some gear disparity, but I don't mind. I wouldn't mind bolstering everyone to max level and just having a single bracket.  That might be a bit much for the Tier 1 folks though... but think of the pops :)

3)  Serpents Passage, Battle for Praag, Doomfist Crater

Be sure to go give your feedback!