Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unique Weapons

There is an interesting thread over on the WAR forums called 'Rare and Unique.'  The basic idea behind this thread is to have weapons, which only one player can have at a time.  On death (or a certain amount of deaths) they lose their prized weapon.  Sure, this would make them stronger, but it would also put a big target on their back.

The developers seem quite fond of the idea and have been thinking about it themselves for a while too.

Keaven really wants to do something like this and we've been discussing this idea for almost a year now. However, we have several limitations that make it very difficult to implement correctly without becoming bugged, lost, or stuck.

One of the biggest hurdles is how to handle a person trying to horde the weapon rather than getting out and using it in a fight.  Luckily, WAR does have a decay system which may be able to help handle this problem.

1. Die X times - it goes away and respawns back at Y place
2. Wait X hours/minutes/whatever - it goes away and respawns back at Y place 

Interesting that Kevin says it will respawn at Y place.  Wonder where these bad boys could be found?  He also mentions the fact that there may be negative aspects to wielding one of these powerful items.

I imagine these weapons like the Sword in the Stone.  It could add an interesting aspect to fights when you see a player with one on the battlefield.  The fact that Kevin is discussing the possibility with players gives me hope that we might see these in-game sometime in the future.

So what do you think?  I'm not sure another game has tried implementing these type of weapons before.