Thursday, March 29, 2012

SWTOR Side Quests

If there is one area I would say that BioWare dropped the ball with Star Wars: The Old Republic, it would have to do with side quests.  Overall, I really enjoy questing in the game.  That's saying something since I generally do not care for PvE in games.

SWTOR's questing really shines with their Class Story and Planetary quest chains.  Speaking of the latter, I think they need to point the planetary quests out to the player more.  For example, the one on Tatooine is excellent and provides a great narrative for your stay on the planet.  Then there are other planets which don't seem to have a cohesive chain, so it makes me wonder if I missed them.

Then there are side quests.  These are usually just single step quests which don't really advance a narrative or give you more lore information.  It's nice that they are fully voiced, but in the end it doesn't really make them more interesting.  I skipped a lot of them on my Trooper since I was PvPing.

I wish the team had put more emphasis on quest chains rather than one off side quests.  With multiple steps, it is much easier to tell an interesting story.  Of course, this makes it more difficult to fill out the leveling curve and other mundane MMO mechanics, but it should be about quality over quantity.