Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1.4.6 Update

Warhammer developer Keaven Freeman hit the forums yesterday with a quick update about the 1.4.6 patch.  If you remember, this patch is mainly focused on bug fixing and other quality of life issues.  It looks like they are making some good progress.

The following items have passed testing on our internal servers:

  • Remove outdated entries from the Guild Calendar
  • Increase scenario startup timers to 2 minutes
  • Eliminate ST Siege ram-cripple
  • Change the way rams get repaired
  • Change the booster pets to periodically recalculate the buff it applies
  • Change non-attackable items, spawned through player abilities, so they cannot be targeted

The following items are currently in testing:

  • Increase the maximum stack size for merchant purchases
  • Add more titles for "Important Monsters"
  • Change the way the MiniMap receives updates for monster name changes
  • Remove flight animations when using Flight Masters
  • Check all scenario guards, swapping out stationary ones for those that chase into the playing field
  • Check Mourkain Temple's chickening, updating areas as needed to make sure both Order and Destruction are equal
  • Add Relic Barriers all the way around the Dark Elf Fortress
  • Check the way Cloud of Corruption applies Inoculation
  • Increase the interact time for stealing a Relic
  • Check Skeetk's combat AI
  • Check how Throt reacts to out-of-range taunts

So far there is no indication of when 1.4.6 might hit the PTS, but they seem pretty busy fixing stuff.  I'm still looking forward to seeing what they can do with tier 4 bolstering and scenario brackets.