Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organic RPG

Don't worry, there will not be any spoilers in this post.  Most of my game time lately has been sunk into Mass Effect 3.  I think I am around the 12 hour mark and have been very impressed with the game.  One of the things I like to most is how organic (or natural) everything seems to flow.

One example of this organic feel would be when you overhear two parties talking and you can choose to support one or the other. They just become select-able when you get near them, and you choose the one you want to support.  You say some lines, then they do.  The entire event takes place without any screen change or other jarring methods.

Previous Mass Effect games have assigned you quests by just overhearing conversations and the third installment is no different.  There is no quest dialog boxes or things to click, just listen and you'll be notified that your journal was updated.  It's simple and immersive.

Another aspect I have been impressed with is the seamless transition between cut scenes and the action. It looks amazing, especially if you compare it to other BioWare efforts like Star Wars:  the Old Republic.  I understand why they can't do that in SWTOR (far less control), but it is still pretty neat in ME3.

They have really outdone themselves with removing some of the more obtrusive aspects of a RPG.  It does feel like a movie, but without losing the feeling of control.