Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It has been a rough week or so around the Werit household.  We just can't seem to shake some illness, which accounts for my lack of posts lately.  I have been meaning to post about the SWTOR legacy announcements ever since their guild summit.

I have not talked much about SWTOR lately, as I have not really been playing it.  Most of my time has been going into Mass Effect 3 and WAR.  ME3 will soon be finished, so that's when I'll play more SWTOR.  I'm actually looking forward to it, been a while!  Coincidentally, it is looking like I'll pick it up again near when 1.2 hits.

Overall, I really liked what I heard in regards to the legacy system.  For me, it'll be all about alts since I have no aspirations of raiding or even end game ranked pvp (who knows though, maybe I'll get into it).  So I was very excited that leveling alts unlocks special abilities for all the characters in your legacy.  You'll need to finish Chapter 3 in order to get this unlock

Sure, these abilities are on a long cooldown and can only be used with a companion.  They sounds pretty awesome though.  Getting Access to Force Choke and Orbital Bombardment?  Yes please.  Not everything has to be about min maxing so those abilities look pretty fun.

You can also unlock your class buff for all of your characters by completing Chapter 2.  While small, it will be a nice touch for those of us who enjoy soloing content, especially heroic and Flashpoints.

Check out a more complete post about the legacy system here: