Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lane Pressure

I managed to get in a game of League of Legends yesterday, which turned out to be pretty interesting.  I, as usual, chose Soraka.  This was a blind pick game, and I was teamed with a Teemo, Viktor, Fiora and Maokai.  Teemo and I took the bottom lane.

Our opponents on the bottom lane were Maokai and Zilean.   This proved to be one of the most challenging lanes I have been in.  Maokai's Sapling Toss, combined with Zilean's Time Bomb proved very effective in pushing our lane.  Teemo did not help the cause much either.

An aside about Teemo.  What is the deal with people who play him?  It seems that every game I am paired with a Teemo, they AFK in the bottom bush for a couple of minutes.  It's not that they are working up an ambush.  They will eventually come running back to the tower, through both opponents while causing no actual damage.  It never fails.

Anyway, back to us huddling under the tower.  Trying to avoid the saplings and the aoe damage of the bomb means we just can't get anything going.  I've managed to keep us alive, but eventually I return to base.  I give notice and leave in view of Teemo.  he of course does not alter his play and dies immediately.

Have someone gank you say?  Sadly, Viktor who went middle has died a number of times to Ezreal... so there will be no help coming for us.  Oddly enough, we won the game.  Two of the opposing players went afk or disconnected.  I went 1/2/15 overall and reached level 25.

Even though it was a pretty bad game,  it was a good learning experience.  I'm not sure if I would have done anything different though, going heavy on potions early allowed me to stay in lane longer.  Sometimes you just need to hold on and hope for the best.