Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crafting Discussion

In the April Community Update, crafting was one area that Mythic was looking to improve.  One of their first steps was to gather feedback on what the players liked and didn't like about the current systems.  James Casey created a new Developer Discussion for that purpose.  Below is my feedback.  

What is your favorite aspect of the current crafting system?

I like that most of the crafting options do not take time away from RvR.  Growing seeds and making potions can all be done without much downtime.  Salvaging can use drops from RvR.   Butchering on the other hand requires PvE, so taking time from RvR to go do it is not high on my list.

What do you consider the most useful item(s) that can be produced in the current crafting system?

Liniments, health potions, and talismans are what I use the most.  Normal potions are also useful, but more expensive to make.

What single aspect do you feel is lacking in the current crafting system?

I think it is just stale now.  Other than the addition of hybrid seeds, not much has been added over 2.5 years.  Speaking of hybrid seeds, I would really like to see a new way to obtain them for cultivation.

What type of item(s) or benefit(s) do you feel are lacking in the current crafting system?

It seems that new accessories and pocket items are currently lacking, especially since the release of 1.4.  The best accessories in the game are obtained via PvE, so I would like to see a way of obtaining sets through RvR.

Stat bonuses are nice and all, but we have so many already.  How about being able to craft some more fun items?  For example:

Siege Weapons.  This was mentioned before, but with the new emphasis on siege equipment, some variety could be introduced.

Allies.  These items would summon an NPC to your aid.  Maybe you could summon a pocket tank NPC which would Guard you until destroyed or times out?  There would be no direct control over them.