Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Gaming

With the plague on its way out, I was ready to return to the world of gaming this weekend.  Three games were played, but only two which I have talked about on this blog.  I'm taking a little break from console gaming, since I've been hitting that hard over the last couple of months.  Really needed to get through some of the backlog.

Warhammer Online.  Shocking, I know.  My Engineer is just a smidgen away from Renown Rank 79.  Not that it means much, as I don't have enough crests to finish off my Sovereign set.  I also rolled a new character on Karak Norn, a Squig Herder.  Only rank 6 and Renown Rank 10 at the moment.  Lots of fun so far.

Star Trek Online.  I did two more episodes of The Breen series, leaving two to go.  I must admit, the third episode was extremely short.  I liked that it was not combat, but it only took maybe 15 minutes.  Will do the last two episodes today and tomorrow.

God and Heroes.  I got a beta invite for this game so I figured I may as well check it out.  Gods and Heroes isn't a game I'd typically be interested in ( PvE ).  However, they have a minion system ( party management ) and a housing type system called estates.  More on this later.

That about covers my gaming during the weekend.  The rest of the week will most likely be made of of WAR, STO and Hector.  Maybe have some Gods and Heroes mixed in.