Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nice and slow

Yesterday I finished up The Breen Featured Episode series in STO.  This was their first attempt but still pretty fun.  Star Trek Online is really carving a niche out for itself among PvE MMO's.  Unlike many of its counterparts, there is really no need to rush to the 'endgame.'

Cryptic recently announced the 500 Day Veteran Reward.  Turns out I am around a month away from receiving it.  In all that time, I've only managed to reach Lieutenant Commander 3 (or Level 13).  In many other games that would be a problem.  In STO, not so much.

Since nearly everything scales, most of the content is not level gated.  I've been able to do the 3 Featured Episodes which is arguably the best content STO has to offer.  The same goes for the new Foundry missions.  For most of them it doesn't matter what level I am.

This setup gives much more life to the leveling game.  Unless you want to do group missions like Special Task Force's, there really is no pressure to reach the cap.  I think this really separates Star Trek Online from the rest of the linear PvE based MMO's.  It is also the reason I have been subscribed for almost 500 days.

Now that The Breen is over, I will probably do a few of the highly rated Foundry missions.  I may also do The Devidian's Featured Episode rerun (which starts tomorrow), we'll see.