Thursday, May 19, 2011

WAR Controls

Last Week, Warhammer Online Producer James Casey posted a new Developer Discussion thread.  The purpose of which was to gather feedback about the control scheme players used.  There are a number of theories about why he'd ask, SWTOR or some other new game are likely candidates.

1.  What method do you use to move around in game.  (ex. WASD, Arrow Keys, Mouse Button 1+2, etc.)

I use a N52te control pad.  Its keys are mapped to to the arrow keys on the keyboard.

2.  What method do you use to control your camera movement. (ex. 1st person mode, mouse RB, etc.)

Mouse Right-Button.

3.  What method do you use to fire off your abilities (ex. Click on abilities, click on number corresponding to hotbar, mouse buttons, etc.)

Most of the time I use keys to fire off abilities.  For some, like gtaoe, I use the mouse to activate and aim.

4.  What method do you use to target your enemy targets (ex. Tab, click, combination, etc.)

Usually I will click on them, sometimes I use tab.

5.  What method do you use to target your friendly targets (ex. Hotkey, click on person, click on group/warband, Function keys, etc.)

Most often I will click on my allies.  When healing I will use their group/warband entry if I know they are in range.

6.  What method do you use to fire off your tactics/morales. (ex. Hotkey, click, etc.)

I click on these with the mouse.

7.  What mods do you use to assist in any of the above and how do they benefit you? (ex. Squared, etc.)

I use Group Icons to help identify my group-mates.  Very Rarely I will use Squared, but haven't in months.

8.  Breakdown of your play sessions. (ex. 50% ORVR, 30% Scenarios, 20% PVE, etc.)

Right now, it's about 50% ORvR and 50% Scenarios.

9.  What one thing would improve your ability to control, target, or interact with the game? (please limit it one specific item)

Built-in Group Icons would be nice.