Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vague Hype!

I've been remiss about pasting lately.  Part of it is illness related, part is Fallout 4.  Anyway, so the big psuedo-news of the day is that there is a SWTOR producer's stream coming on December 1st.  There will be some kind of BIG announcement.  They capitalized it, not me.  The tweet specifically mentioned subscribers, but who knows if that is meaningful or not.

That brings us to the problem of vague hype.  It's really only useful for angering your customers.  People's imaginations will run wild, then when the truth ends up being much more low key, rage!  a BIG announcement could really be anything.  Hell, it could be bad news.  Maybe the game is shutting down, that's pretty big.

It's too early to talk expansion, and that's the only thing I'd consider BIG (except for the game shutting down).  So yeah,  I really don't know what this could be about.  I'm going to go with some new subscriber incentive.