Monday, November 9, 2015

Chapter Four of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

We left off with our craft crash landing into the Zakuul swamp.  HK-55 found some interesting debris, which when investigated revealed another crashed ship.  This chapter was mostly about getting information from Lana and getting to know Koth and HK-55.  It was actually longer than the previous sessions, taking me about 2 hours.  That was a nice surprise.

There were no major decisions,  just Koth impressions up for grabs really.  He's a soldier, I'm a soldier, so I think we'll get along.  It turns out the ship is legendary for defeating the Eternal Fleet a long time ago.  Interestingly, the fleet is controlled by mysterious bots and not Zakuul itself.  The Emperor just gained control.

What happened next was awesome.  There was an 80's work montage to fix up the ship, which some nice comedy from HK-55.  Check it out:

Once we got the ship up and running, I did some exploring.  I found a strange chamber and the Emperor appeared.  That's where the chapter ends.

This one was pretty good, mostly saved by the montage.  The Zakuul swap isn't very appealing.  It's nice when you look up and see the city, but that's about it.