Monday, November 2, 2015

Chapter Three of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

This post will contain spoilers. We left our hero in dreamland, frozen in carbonite.  He was just released by Lana, the Sith.  My Trooper is not a fan of Lana.  He's a soldier who has been fighting the Sith for a long time, so being buddy buddy with one isn't going to fly.  Personally,  I don't care for her much either.  She seems rather bland.  I like my Sith with a megalomaniac personality.  If she happens to be one I lose, then I won't be too upset about it.

This Chapter was all about escaping the facility.  It wasn't a prison really, more like a trophy room.  We were being chased by Vaylin, the daughter of the Emperor.  She seems like a murderous psychopath, which is always fun.  She is also very powerful with the Force, putting Lana to shame.  We also met Koth and HK-55.  Don't know much about them yet.  Although HK-55 is funny, he has a nice Eeyore moment.

Vaylin ended up ripping the side off of a building to throw at us, which happened to be this Sun Reactor thing that then proceeded to go critical.  We could save the day, or just make our escape.  I chose to help, which opened up a small area where we had to shut it down.  Lana wasn't pleased.  Oh well.  This is my show.  Then we ran into some Zakuul Knights to fight.  I made Lana spare the one who got left behind.  Again, she wasn't happy.

Koth arrived just in time with the ship, Vaylin was about to destroy us I suspect.  Great cut scene with the ship's Gatling guns.  We escaped the city, but crash landed in outside in the swamp.  That's where Chapter Four starts.

This was another good entry.  The Zakuul city environment was fantastic.  Kind of like Coruscant, but a lot different.  I'm still really impressed with the quality of everything.  I'll likely continue my adventure next weekend.