Monday, November 30, 2015

Chapter 7 of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

Last week was pretty awful.  I was sick for almost all of it.  I'm starting to feel better, I hope.  Maybe it is just a cruel joke though, and I'll be sick again tomorrow.  Getting old sucks,  I suggest you don't do it.  Anyway, I did get some time in for Chapter 7.  It turned out to be a decently long chapter, so it took me two play sessions.  I usually keep a session to an hour.

This one was all about tracking down the Lady of Sorrows, who could help us with the Gravestone.  She, of course, lived in the underbelly of Zakuul.  So there was much linear fighting in decent environments.  Noce to see some new scenery.  Turns out the Heralds of Zildog (ugh, what a name) are involved.  They are 'keepers of the peace',  and of course want us dead.

The big choice here was whether or not to take Senya or Koth in with us.  I chose Koth.  I just don't trust Senya, aka the Mother of the bad guys.  I still plan on dumping her if I get the chance.  Give me a soldier any day.

Long story short, we find the Lady of Sorrows and it turns out to be SCORPIO.  She's an AI/Droid companion of the Imperial Agent.  My agent has not gotten to her yet, now I really want to.  The really interesting part is that it is revealed that the Eternal Fleet is run by machines just like her.  So that's where she comes from.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is full of shady characters.  Lana, Senya, SCORPIO, Emperor, Arcann, the sister are all pretty untrustworthy. I really just want to take Koth and HK-55 and eliminate them all.  Koth isn't even that likable, he's just the lesser of all the evils.

Overall, it was a good Chapter.  I hope it is the model for what BioWare plans to release monthly.