Friday, October 16, 2015

Fallen Empire is for New Players

Only 4 days to go!   I don't think the headline is any sort of revelation to anyone that has been following SWTOR's expansion.  It was just something I was thinking about yesterday.  Eric mentioned that the Alliance info will likely come out on the day of early access since press sites were also releasing information about it.  I thought it a bit strange.  The Alliance system sounds neat and all, but enough to warrant press attention?

It likely comes down to making sure there is press coverage of the expansion.  That coverage is not directed at us (veterans), as we'll be in the game, it's for new and old players.  Just like the instant level 60, and the crafting changes, and the streamlined leveling, and the Operation/Flashpoint changes.  The new story is also directed at new players, since it doesn't require anything that has been done with the game prior.

It's a new beginning for the game.  That's not to say its a big change, the core of the game remains the same.  I'm generally fine with it as I like the direction they are headed.  Although, in the back of my mind I am curious how dire the situation was for BioWare to try this though.  Surely, they didn't do it on a whim.

The real question is, will I work a full day on Tuesday or try and play early?