Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chapter One of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

This post will contain spoilers!  Proceed at your own risk.  I usually never write spoilers, but I feel like I need some sort of record about my choices in Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Since they do matter, or so BioWare says.  We shall see!  Ok, on to Chapter One.

The Trooper is, and always has been, my main.  I always liked the soldier archetype so I gravitated towards him.  He is mostly a light side kind of character, but will do some dark side things once in a while to those who deserve it.  I will try to continue that play style in the new content.

I never really dealt with Darth Marr on my Trooper until Yavin IV.  He does seem like a pretty cool Sith, which means I'll work with him.  When dealing with him on his flagship, I wasn't very confrontational.  If I could somehow have him as a companion, that'd be awesome.  Would that be the case?

Anyway,  this all takes place after the fantastic trailer and Korriban has been raided.  We're going out to look for the culprits.  We get more than we bargained for when we were ambushed by an even larger fleet.  The ship gets boarded, and I make my way to Engineering fighting them off.

In the first choice of the expansion, I come across an Imperial and Republic officer.  Some soldiers are trapped.  The Imperial wants to leave them, the Republic guy, wants to save them.  I opt for saving them which opens up a small area for some more fighting.  I don't leave soldiers behind.

More fighting, then my companions call for help.  They are still on my ship but stuck in the docking area.  So I make my way there and clear the way so they can detach.  Then I am offered the choice of whether they should run or stay and fight.  I told them to get back to the Republic.  The Trooper needs no backup anyway.  It'll be interesting to see if this choice results in saving the lives of some of them.

I get to Engineering, but the battle is just about lost.  Marr meets me down there and becomes my companion for a short time.  We clear Engineering and have a big decision to make.  The ship is going down, so do we abandon ship or ram on of the enemy ships?  The light side choice is to abandon ship.  However, that's not the path I chose.  I want to take as many with me as possible, so I chose to ram the enemy.  Marr approved.  What followed was a great cinematic.  I love the face my Trooper made, check out the clip.

The next thing I know, I wake up in a jail cell.  Looks like our enemies were still able to capture us.  We meet Prince Arcann and are taken to the Throne room.  It is revealed that the Sith Emperor is also Emperor Valkorion of Zakuul.  He boats a bit, Marr stands up to him, kills a few people, and then is dispatched by the Emperor.  What a shame.  He then offers me the chance to join him, if I only kneel.

The Trooper does not kneel to anyone.  The Emperor is not pleased and motions to Arcann to kill me.  However, he instead frees me and gives me a weapon, then attacks his father.  The battle is not going well for him, but when the Emperor's back is turned I am able to shoot him.  I don't really like that I shot him in the back.  It was not a choice.  The Emperor laughs, then appears to die.  However, some Force stuff happens.

The Chapter ends with Arcann claiming I assassinated the Emperor, and they throw me in carbonite.  Arcann then presumably takes over.

When I returned to the Fleet, I had a mail waiting for me.  It was from the Republic officer.  It was supposed to be a voice recording I think, he was talking to me while he was still on the ship.  Then it suddenly ended when I think he got sucked out an airlock due to us ramming the ship.  Interesting.

Looking forward to Chapter 2!