Monday, October 26, 2015

Chapter Two of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

This post will contain spoilers.  I finally had a chance to continue on with the Knights of the Fallen Empire story.  We left off with my Trooper 'killing' the Emperor and being placed in carbonite by the traitor Arcann. I entered a dream sequence, where I was greeted by none other than the Emperor I just shot in the back.  

There was a good amount of talking, which was nice.  Clearly the Emperor just reverted to his incorporeal form.  He seemed rather normal in this sequence, talking about his life in Zakuul.  Turns out, he wants me help to help him stop his renegade children.  He also did a fair amount of taunting/pressing.  There was a lot of class specific dialog scenes in this chapter.

Most of the action in this chapter was fighting the hibernation sickness.  Apparently I was not frozen properly, so I'm dying.  As this is a MMO, I need to fight something to represent that.  Things got really interesting when they put me on a ravaged Coruscant.  Apparently, they think I abandoned them.  So I had to fight them.  Not much choice here.

At the end of the Coruscant scene I had to face General Garza, one of the main characters in the Trooper story.  There was only one choice, that I can remember.  I faced a giant Monolith from Ziost, and I had the option of asking the Emperor for power.  I chose to do it myself.  The consequences of this action are unclear right now.

The chapter ended with us visiting the Zakuul throne room, ghosts of Christmas pasts style.  However, Vaylin could sense me apparently, but did not tell Arcann.  That probably means she'll turn on him at some point.  She also struck me with a lightsaber, which corresponded with Lana waking me from the carbonite.

Knight of the Fallen Empire launches for everyone tomorrow.  Jump on in, just $15.