Friday, June 26, 2015

Power Problems

It's been a rough week here at the Werit household.  Rough is relative, of course.  It was actually pretty good all things considered.  But lets not let that get in the way of this post.  We had some thunderstorms on Tuesday and lost power.  We did get it back until last night.  It's hard to say how elated I was to have electricity again.

Modern technology is interesting.  I was still able to get some work done without power.  We used a cell phone as a mobile hotspot, and our new van as a charging station.  It wasn't ideal, but workable.  Nights were rough though, as it was hot and we had little airflow.  Plus, I had a Northern Mockingbird outside my window keeping me up.  I eventually scared it away for a little while and got some sleep.

We sadly lost all of our cold/frozen food.  It was quite a bit too since we recently stocked up.  Not happy about that.  It brings up the question of a generator.  I have long wanted a whole house generator with automatic switch over.  What holds me back is the noise those things make.  I don't really want to subject my neighbors to that 24/7.  It's pretty annoying especially when people need to sleep with their windows open.

Things are back to normal though. Just in time for the Marvel Heroes Big Ten event! Plus, I've been missing SWTOR with all this hype going around.